3 Most Efficient Solutions For Curing Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Women are generally preoccupied about their hair, using plenty of products in order to maintain it soft, shiny and voluminous. The situation changes dramatically when they start to lose their hair gradually, also losing the control over what they could once dye, straighten and style according to their expectations and wishes.

However, over sixty percent of women are usually dealing with hair loss, which might be more or less accentuated.

Thankfully, most women experience hair loss due to approaching severe diets or facing adverse reactions to certain medication, which are fortunately temporary. Once the problem behind hair loss is cured, your hair will grow back and will become healthy once again. Even though genetic hair loss pattern in women is actually chronic, this does not mean that you have to operate at a loss.

What are your primary solutions for curing hair loss?

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1. The Fashionable’ Solution

Products like Rogaine and Provillus for Women contain minoxidil, a FDA-certified medication that is intended to cure hair loss in women, among their ingredients, and can be purchased over-the-counter in two or five percent formulas.

To obtain proper results, you have to choose the lowest amount and massage your scalp with the product you have chosen two times a day. The hair will start to grow again after approximately six months, and will last as long as you keep using the product.

Hair Loss in Women

2. The Prescription Drug

Postmenopausal women who are currently experiencing hair loss can be prescribed off-label anti-androgen products, such as Proscar or Propecia (which contain finasteride) and Aldactone (which contains spironolactone).

According to the statistics, at least fifty percent of women will notice hair regrowth, which constitutes a great opportunity to solve this unpleasant problem. Pregnant women are prohibited to take these products since they may lead to birth defects.

3. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant might be easier than you think, as your hair will be removed from one part to the region where hair loss is very accentuated. A recent study revealed that over forty percent women who deal with genetic hair loss pattern opt for this surgery, and approximately eighty percent of them see positive results in the end.

Surprisingly, hair transplant can cure even those areas of “donor hair” or diffuse thinning.

What will hair loss treatments look like in the future?

When talking about future hair loss treatments for women, there are some specialists who make use of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, a solution that involves separating plaletes from a patient’s blood and then injecting them to the scalp in order to facilitate hair growth.

FDA is currently testing the efficiency of Bimatoprost, the synthetic prostaglandin available in lash-growth solution Latisse, as a topical cure for hair loss, which may become available on the market throughout the following years.

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Mike Handler

Mike Handler

Co-founder of HarVokseClinic.com. When his partner (Eleora Sills) experienced hair loss problem and got a great result using Har Vokse, he decided to help others by creating a website about hair loss treatments.
Mike Handler

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