4 Simple Ways to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause Naturally

Stop Hair Loss During Menopause Naturally

Hair loss is something quite normal in women with menopause. In many cases, some women even experience hair fall when they were going into peri-menopause or the stage before menopause.

The choice of using any medical intervention to treat this menopausal hair loss in fact varies from woman to woman. While few women opt to overlook their thinning hair, others prefer to treat the problem seriously. This is due to the fact that thinning hair during menopause may substantially influence the outlook and prognosis. It also will in turn assign the types of actions you will take to treat the problem.

In this regards, there are some very helpful alternatives to prevent, improve, as well as stop hair fall during menopause. Some of them are in the following:

4 Simple Ways to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause Naturally

1. Stick with a Good Nutritional Habit

As a rule of thumb, you should consume plenty of nutrients to make sure that your hair follicles will grow as good as possible. These beneficial nutrients for hair follicles including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Make your habit to eat only the nutritional foods that have a high quality of proteins, vitamins, and minerals along your days.

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2. Restrict Eating Processed and Refined Carbohydrates

It is already known that excessive eating of processed and refined carbohydrates is not good for the performance of your insulin. Furthermore, you should stay away from any type of crash diet. In many cases, menopause women are more likely to have weight gain because of the changes in appetite and decreased body metabolism.

For this reason, many women react to this condition by applying a crash diet to aid to keep their best body shape. Unfortunately, this in fact could be counterproductive for your hair regrowth.

3. Control You StressStop Hair Loss During Menopause Naturally

Stress may affect many aspects of your life. Indeed, stress also may stimulate hair fall, especially for severe and uncontrolled stress. In this regards, it is very important to have a well stress management to aid maintain and keep the extents of your emotional as well as physical stress as normal as possible. In case that you are a kind of individual who are easier to be stress, it is advised for you to take counseling if necessary.

4. Take an Alternative Hair Supplement

It is already known that many women find scalp massage as a good therapy to improve their hair regrowth during menopause. This technique is very effective to aid improve the blood stream to your hair roots and scalp.

However, this kind of therapy alone is actually not enough. This therapy should be combined by using some natural yet proven hair loss treatment supplements.

In addition, it is advised for you to ask your medical doctor whether you should to take progesterone and estrogen pills/creams or not. Both of these supplements may help to improve the stability of your estrogen and progesterone hormones which usually will decrease during menopause and affect you hair health condition.

Apply all of these easy yet effective ways to stop menopausal hair loss and you will have a healthier, thicker and stronger hairĀ  during your mature ages.

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Mike Handler

Mike Handler

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Mike Handler

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