Does Saw Palmetto Can Really Stop Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto, also named Serenoa ripens, is a dwarf palm plant having small berries indigenous to North America. Its name is originated from the saw-toothed leaves.

Native Americans are claimed to have utilized it for medication as well as food for hundreds of years. From it was initially found it has been employed in order to cure a wide array of problems involving hair loss, bladder conditions, prostate gland cancer, and also declined sex-related drive.

Nowadays, the extract is a certified product in many area of Europe when it comes to dealing with conditions related to benign prostate gland augmentation, alternatively referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. It’s likewise commonly utilized in many other area of the globe and, historically, was specified in the United States Pharmacopeia and also National Formulary.

As much as saw palmetto for hair loss is involved, it comes from a group of treatment methods generally referred to as ‘natural’ DHT blockers. Research studies showing effectiveness regarding saw palmetto for hair loss are, sadly, neither as popular nor as well approved like they are when it comes to the remedy of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

How Does Saw Palmetto Work?

We have no idea precisely how saw palmetto do the jobs, nevertheless many analysts think it functions in an identical manner to finasteride simply by blocking an enzyme named 5-alpha-reductase. 5-alpha-reductase is needed to the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

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As you may probably realize, DHT is literally often pointed out for the major offender of hereditary hair loss, or pattern baldness. DHT brings about both male (and also female) pattern hair loss by means of binding to scalp hair follicle receptors, inducing them to diminish, therefore choking off brand new hair development as well as triggering existing hair to drop out.

Some other hypotheses say that saw palmetto functions rather by minimizing the uptake of DHT in the receptor sites.

Regardless of what the case, generally there is understanding that the active ingredients within the saw palmetto berry in some way ‘regulate’ DHT. There is likewise no question that saw palmetto for hair loss is huge business.

Hair Loss Treatments

How Reliable Is Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss?

Currently there is a reasonable body of evidence that suggests saw palmetto may be reliable when it comes to addressing benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Considering that DHT is linked to prostate enhancement, there has been a recurring appeal to conclude that the saw palmetto berry may be similarly helpful for curing thinning hair.

Indeed, you may frequently read advocates of saw palmetto for hair loss contrasting its performance to finasteride (retailed using the brands Propecia for androgenic alopecia). Finasteride is among exclusively 3 FDA-approved hair loss treatment options.

The issue is actually that whereas there’s countless well-designed medical tests advocating finasteride’s effectiveness, the exact same may not be claimed for saw palmetto.

In one small research study in 2006, 6 among 10 participants mentioned cosmetically substantial outcomes. For part of the research study, males aged between 23 and 64 having mild to moderate incidents of androgenetic alopecia were provided a saw palmetto oral supplementation of 200 mg to take in two times every day during several months.

Absolutely, in every of these particular research studies the sample size, time frame as well as various other attributes for the research study do not offer a good deal of assurance for the outcomes.

Many may suggest that the shortage of reliable research studies is literally due to the fact that pharmaceutical providers cannot patent saw palmetto’s usage. For one, there have actually been more than a hundred research studies carried out regarding its treatment for BPH. Why not, therefore, on saw palmetto for hair loss?

The Mayo Clinic rank saw palmetto for hair loss as a ‘C’. It implies there is ‘uncertain scientific proof for this use’ and even more research study is literally needed well before it may be recommended for a reliable treatment option of androgenetic alopecia.

Saw Palmetto

Androgenetic alopecia in Women

Supposing there’s a rationale explanation when it comes to the scarcity of research studies regarding saw palmetto for hair loss, nevertheless, let’s have a look at the unscientific evidence.

Any individual who has really ever bothered with shedding hair as well as has indeed browsed the internet is going to have become aware of saw palmetto for loss of hair. In fact, supplements utilizing medically tested active ingredients like minoxidil involve it in their formulas.

That said, most of those individuals who encourage saw palmetto for hair loss and/ or feature it with their supplements, recognize that it is very likely a light to mild DHT blocker. That is, it’s not likely to become a main hair loss treatment option for the majority of people. It is actually commonly suggested that individuals experiencing pattern baldness utilize saw palmetto in combination with various other proven natural supplements that promote hair growth.

In actual reality, regardless of whichever treatment option you choose to employ in order to fight your hair loss, this is literally very solid suggestions. Treatment method which attend to both hormone sensitiveness (e.g. anti-androgens like saw palmetto) as well as promote growth (e.g. minoxidil) are most likely to become much more reliable.


Saw palmetto for hair loss, being a standalone solution, is most likely just slightly reliable. That said, you might be able to potentiate outcomes by having the inclusion of various other natural herbs or remedies.

Given you’re under no false impression that natural equates to safe, and do not assume quick effects, indeed try using saw palmetto as a secondary treatment method . You may be happily amazed.

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