How to Prevent Hair Fall After Pregnancy (Postpartum Hair Fall)

Prevent Hair Fall After PregnancyHair fall after pregnancy or known medically as postpartum hair fall is the sudden losing of hair that many new mothers experience after 3 and 6 months of giving birth. However, hair fall after giving birth is actually a common occurrence.

This is because the levels of estrogen that normally kept your hair thick throughout pregnancy suddenly drop, and this triggers the process of hair falling.

In normal condition, a woman loses 100 hairs per day. However, after pregnancy, your drop of telogen effluvium hormones make those hair falling out a lot. If you are breastfeeding, some of your extra hair could hang on to your head until you start to supplement with hair nourish treatment.

Even though this process seems normal, it can be scary for many new mothers.

This article will help you to lessen the hair fall after pregnancy.

How to Prevent Hair Fall After Pregnancy (Postpartum Hair Fall)

1. Don’t do hairstyles that pull or stretch your hair.

Excessive hair-do such as braids, weaves or tight rollers can pull your hair and cause stress to your scalp. With your additional issue of telogen effluvium hormones, you should avoid anything that can worsen your hair fall after pregnancy.

Postpartum Hair Loss

2. Get a healthy diet of more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are well-known as a natural healthy food. Fruits and vegetables also contain flavinoids and antioxidants which are important to protect your hair follicles and increase your hair growth.

3. Consume more vitamins and nutrients to your diet.

Vitamin B complex, vitamins E and C, zinc and biotin are well-known to increase your hair strength. Take extra hair supplements such as Har Vokse that has all of these nutrients and vitamins to help retain your hair in a healthy condition.

4. Use a shampoo with quality ingredients.

Generally, shampoos which contain biotin or silica can improve your hair health condition and stimulate hair growth. Use only this kind of shampoo for your routine.

Prevent Hair Fall After Pregnancy

5. Use only a wide-toothed comb.

A wide-toothed comb can reduce the level of pulling and stress you apply to your hair. As you already know, excessive pulling of your hair can increase the chances of hair falling.

7. Get a haircut.

Long hair would weighs more and pulls downward from your head constantly. With a shorter haircut you can have less pressure to your hair, and in turn will decrease hair fall. A shorter haircut also makes your hair to look fuller, as well as to being easier to take care of.

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8. Don’t be stressful.

Yes, having a baby to take care of could create stress in your life, but as long as possible, try to avoid any other stressful conditions. A scientific study found that stress can cause your hair to fall out. Avoid stress to retain more of your pre-pregnancy hair.

9. Talk to your doctor if your hair fall is excessive.

If it’s accompanied by other health symptoms, hair fall after pregnancy can be a sign of postpartum thyroiditis.

By doing all of these tips, you can minimize your postpartum hair fall and retain your pre-pregnancy healthy hair.

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Postpartum Hair Loss – What to Expect

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