7 Major Causes of Hair Loss that YOU Must Aware

Causes of Hair Loss

Every day, people lose a certain amount of hair. This is a normal part of life, and people can lose up to 100 strands a day. Hair loss can also be caused from other problems, such as genetics, medications, or inadequate nutrition. Usually these happenings only cause a temporary loss of hair, unless a person has other difficulties, for instance, a particular medical disorder or disease. Hair loss can become devastating and hard to deal with, especially when it changes a person’s appearance.

People who have medical complication can lose an enormous amount of hair, in a short time. Treating the underlying cause can result in temporary loss. However, depending on the medical condition, it can also cause permanent damage.

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Below are some of the most common major reasons for hair loss:

1. Genetics

Heredity is one of the leading causes for hair loss. Genetics are passed down, through each generation, which is known as male or female pattern hair loss. This usually occurs most often in males and is because of a hereditary hormonal deficiency. Androgens, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone are hormones associated with inherited hair loss. Genetic hair loss is usually irreversible.

Causes of Hair Loss that YOU Must Aware

2. Hormones

Certain events through an individual’s life, such as adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause, can cause hormones changes. Although these conditions are usually temporary, it is still overwhelming nonetheless.

3. Medications

Side effects of medications can cause hair loss. Prescription medicine used for birth control, chemotherapy, high blood pressure, or depression can affect a person’s hair. Medication induced hair loss is usually reversible.

4. Medical Conditions

Some hair loss is because of medical conditions. Hypothyroidism and Lichen Planus are the most common medical problems, which cause hair loss. Treatments for these disorders can help reverse the loss of hair. Alopecia Areata, however, is not reversible, and a person mostly likely will not regain hair.

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5. Stress

Mental and psychical stress can cause a person to lose hair. Events like death of a family, or a divorce, are two examples of stressful situations causing hair loss. However, it is usually temporary. Once the situation has been resolved, and the stress level calms down, a person will regain their hair.

6. Inadequate Nutrition

An individual, who does not eat properly or does not obtain the right amount of food, can loss his or her hair. Eating enough protein and iron in one’s diet is important to maintain hair growth. If these nutrients are not eaten enough, a person’s hair can fall out, and could take several months of eating healthy before the hair re-grows.

Hair Nutrition

7. Other Causes

Shock, age, and hairstyles can also cause issues. Shock can cause thinning or hair loss for many months after the primary circumstances. An abrupt weight loss or high body temperature can cause a person to go into shock, which can lead to their hair falling out. Age can also be a factor. When individuals become older, their hair growth tends to slow down and makes the hair become thinner or easily breaks off. Hairstyles, like ponytails, can cause breakage or hair loss because of the hair being pulled too snug.

Most effective hair loss treatments, like Har Vokse, will help re-grow a person’s hair and stop other hair from falling out. However, some other treatments may not work for everyone and some may not re-grow new hair.

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