Male Pattern Baldness: Do You Have These 4 Early Warning Signs?

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a common hair loss condition which afflicts over two-thirds of men throughout their lifetime. This kind of hair fall actually can begin at an alarmingly very young age, even sometimes as early as 18 years old and typically goes through similar progression.

In fact, if anyone in your family suffer from male pattern baldness, it is more likely that you will also have suffered from it. Meanwhile, it is merely a myth that male pattern baldness is passed down via your mother’s part of the family.

In other words, if there is any man in your family is lacking in the hair part, it is more likely that you will get male pattern baldness as well.

Male pattern baldness does not occur overnight. In fact, it is a process which happen gradually as your hair follicles give up generating hairs. In case that you are seeing more than an average quantity of hair on your favorite pillow or in your brush, it is advised that you immediately come to see a medical professional to talk about the causes for this kind of abrupt hair fall.

Male Pattern Baldness

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Hair fall associated with male pattern baldness is typically can be diagnosed from the pattern as well as appearance of the hair that loss. While other common causes for hair loss like stress, poor nutrition, or skin disorders, could usually be stopped and reversed with early treatment, unfortunately for male pattern baldness, the hair fall is typically permanent.

Furthermore, while this might not be what you want to see, the early signs of male pattern baldness are actually quite firm and reliable. However, the positive news is that some kinds of hair fall could be stopped within its tracks when found at early phase, and other kinds could be slowed as well.

So, in this regards it is important to get informed to find if the case of male pattern baldness is the culprit for your hair loss, or if there may be other elements to take into consideration.

Below is how male pattern baldness progresses with its 4 prevalent signs:

1. Receding Hairline

Male pattern baldness typically starts in the hairline. At this phase, your hair starts to thin slowly at the temples and the front hairline. As time goes, it gradually shrinks, producing a unique “M” shape on your head.

2. Thinning in the Crown Area

The next common warning sign of male pattern baldness is the thinning hair in the crown area. Sometimes, for some people, it can be the first spot of recognizable male pattern baldness. This is more obvious since it thins in a rounded zone, closely surrounded by your normal hair growth.

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3. Curly Hair

Even though this sign might not occur to all men, a tell-tale sign of male pattern baldness is the showing of curly hair over the ears and the hairline on the neck. This typically happens just after you are finding thinning at the crown and front hairline.

4. Loss of Hair on Top Portion of Head

The majority of male who have male pattern baldness usually will end to lose most or all of their hair on the top of the head, leaving behind only hair growth on the back and sides of the head. In this regards, in case that hair loses out in patches, or on the sides and back of the head, then it is typically may not be associated to male pattern baldness.

With these facts of early warning signs being said, at least there are 2 popular forms of hair medications provided to deal with male pattern baldness on the market today. Those are minoxidil-based medication in the form of solution and pill. Recently, there are also other hair loss treatment with natural ingredients which has been proven to be effective to stop hair fall, even for the case of male pattern baldness.

In both of these treatments, the sooner you get preventative actions, the easier it is to stop the effects of male pattern baldness.

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Male Pattern Baldness: Causes, Identification & Prevention

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