What are the Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women?

Signs of Hair Loss

Many people usually just aware of their hair loss problem when looking at their hairs in a mirror.  Some individuals get sudden shock one day when they notice their hair loss and some others have only realized it over a quite long phase of time.

Some people see their hairs on their pillow when they wake up in the morning or discover that right after brushing their hair, a bunch of hair is left on their comb. Even sometimes, people just realize that their hair becoming thinning when their friends or families tell them about it.

While there are many stories of people experiencing different forms of hair loss, the very truth about hair loss problem is that it can happen in anyone, men and woman, young and old. In fact, hair loss issue is even not a case-specific to middle-aged men.

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So, what are the signs of hair loss and baldness in men and women?

The Signs of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men is more likely to occur first on the front hairline, forehead, and on top of the head. The first indication of hair loss in men is generally a receding hairline. For few men, this sign seems an noticeable hint that you may be in the early phases of hair loss problem. However, since hair loss is really a gradual process, it might take a quite period of time before you can realize that it has already happened.

Signs of Hair Loss in Men and Women

In other situation, hair loss could also be found as just a short of thinning hair problem. It is not really noticeable that your hair is falling out over time, but you may observe that your hair is becoming gradually thinner.

Actually, many people think that this is normal condition as a consequence of aged shrinking hair follicles or hair roots. However, you may find that your hair is becoming thinner as the disparity between your hair widens. This widening spots between hairs can gradually expose more of the head scalp and this is an accurate indication of hair loss which could lead to baldness in men over long period of time.

Signs of Hair Loss

The Signs of Hair Loss in Women

There is principally only 1 initial warning of women’s hair loss and that is thinning hair. While men usually experiencing a receding hair line as the first sign of hair loss problem, women usually do not experience this and even rarely will women experiencing baldness.

For women, hair loss could typically involves hair thinning in general, of the whole scalp, but for many others mainly occur only at the crown of the head. Many women might therefore realize a slight reduce in the volume of their pony tail or also the widening of their parting.

However, because hair in women is usually much longer than men’s hair, concerning issues of hair loss can be difficult for women to detect. This is primarily based on the fact that even for women without hair loss problem, regular but limited hair loss is treated as something normal.

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From this point, you usually might see the changes of your hair loss more easily just by looking at your comb. If you are finding much more hair on your comb quicker than before, something that you think more than a normal hair loss, or if you realize that you have becoming to clean your hair brush much more often than you used to, this could be a serious indication that you are losing your hair more quickly.

If this happens to you, however, don’t be panic. We know that many people usually get panic and resort to expensive surgery or treatments to overcome their hair loss problem. But hair surgery or hair replacement is actually not the only option. In fact, there is a product readily available on the market today that can help you to prevent and overcome hair loss problem.

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