3 Alternatives to Minoxidil for Hair Loss

Severe Hair Loss

Currently there are a lot of treatment options which are easily available for you in case you do not want to utilize minoxidil or all of its chemical competitors. Generally all of these are surgical options and for that reason you should consider thoroughly prior to making a decision to proceed through with any one of them since they could be relatively major operations.

You are recommended first off to look for many other, less invasive, options of treatment (such as Har Vokse dual-action treatment), prior to taking into consideration the choices listed below.

Various treatments which have to be reviewed below consist of ultraviolet light, hair transplants, and lastly scalp reduction. This particular post is going to examine every of them, and then evaluating up their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Ultraviolet Treatment

The very first, ultraviolet light is undoubtedly the very least invasive on this particular selection. Even though the science responsible for it is not completely comprehended, it is considered that the ultraviolet light, whenever beamed over the scalp and baldness spot, are going to expand the capillary, that subsequently is going to lead to the hair to reinforce as well as re-grow. In case you opt for this particular alternative thus you are going to be offered 2 or 3 treatments weekly. Just like minoxidil it could require to a year in order to get any sort of result.

Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that certainly there are individuals who are hesitant regarding whether or not it could function at all for male pattern baldness. They contend this is due to the hereditary source of male pattern baldness that suggests that boosted blood circulation to the hair are going to not generate a significant change.

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A farther issue which has been brought up regarding ultraviolet light therapy is that it possesses a high regression rate as well as could frequently possess harmful side effects including nausea, alterations in the pigmentation for your skin as well as a raised likelihood of skin cancer. Due to these particular threats it is no longer as extensively utilized as it previously was.

2. Hair Transplant

The second alternative as a treatment option when it comes to hair loss is hair transplant. This procedure is virtually what it claims. It is literally a technique in which a tiny spot of scalp, typically around 1cm wide as well as around 3cm long is derived from a location in which there is hair (typically on the sides as well as back of the scalp since this generates the minimum scaring and also is most convenient to cover). The quantity of hairs which are taken differs depending upon the procedure (as a consequence has an effect on the cost) even though typically between 1,000 and 4,000 hairs are taken.

As soon as this has been carried out the scalp is separated toward groups of hairs that are at that point implanted onto the balding spots. It is essential to realize that this is probably one of the most reliable procedure for hair loss since the hair as well as skin is drawn from your own body system thus there is very little likelihood of rejection, and also the distinction is practically instant. In contrast to minoxidil as well as various other chemical treatment option it does not require months of usage to get a result.

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Hair transplant possesses numerous benefits as well as drawbacks over various other alternatives, including minimal disruption to your day. Not like the chemical treatment method, hair transplantation could be performed in a minimal number of treatments that indicates that in contrast minoxidil you will not have to go on utilizing it for the rest of your life in case you wish to discover long-term outcomes. Therefore conserving you a big quantity of time.

An additional benefit that it possesses (even though not over minoxidil) is that, due to the fact that the hair originates from your own scalp as well as is implanted over your scalp, the result appears natural, instead of appearing as if you have just gotten hair loss remedy.

There are, nevertheless big drawbacks to hair transplant as a treatment method. The first is that even though the results are immediate, they are simply not always finished within just one appointment. You might have to return for a number of appointments prior to the treatment is finished, and by having a lapse of just about anything as much as a year between surgical treatments this indicates that it could require provided that minoxidil to accomplish its full capacity.

An additional drawback is cost. Even though in the long run it is significantly less expensive in comparison to minoxidil (keep in mind that a 1 month supply charges about ₤20-60) in the short-term it is extremely expensive. Costs vary from ₤2,600 to ₤13,900 that is undoubtedly a huge amount of money. And due to the fact that it is not recommended by the NHS the cash must come out of your wallet.

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3. Scalp Reduction

The last alternative treatment option which has to be considered is scalp reduction. Throughout the process for scalp reduction, the skin layer on the crown as well as the top of the scalp is usually inflated by a balloon for a few weeks to extend it. As soon as this has been performed, the excess skin layer is therefore removed and the two opposing sides put together around the scalp.

Even though it is offered on the NHS it is usually not recommended as a treatment option for male pattern baldness. In spite of this, however, it was well-known in the 70s as well as 80s as a treatment method although with the surge of various other treatment options including minoxidil as well as hair transplants, it has actually ended up being considerably rare. It is additionally remarkably patient specific since you must possess a decent quantity of skin layer elasticity with regard to it to function.

One of the major drawbacks of this particular treatment option is that it could not be performed to fight baldness on the hair line due to the quantity of scaring which it involves. This brought in with the negative effects that include swelling as well as short-term numbness for the spot imply that it is a procedure which is seldom performed any longer.


Through this therefore, we could find out that currently there are a variety of alternatives to minoxidil. Nevertheless, generally they are both extremely expensive (like hair transplant) and are intrusive or possibly harmful (like ultraviolet light therapy that results in a rise in the threat of cancer).

It is for that reason recommended that you take a look at other, non-invasive, treatment options such as Har Vokse, prior to you think about these particular types of treatment method.


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Co-founder of HarVokseClinic.com. When his partner (Eleora Sills) experienced hair loss problem and got a great result using Har Vokse, he decided to help others by creating a website about hair loss treatments.
Mike Handler

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