5 Types of Hair Loss Most Experienced by Men

Men Hair Loss

Don’t get it wrong, hair loss is not only experienced by men. Many women also experience hair loss problems. However, medically the chances of hair loss are indeed more experienced by men. Research shows that 4 out of 7 men inherit baldness from their parents.

Many hair loss experienced by men actually has many types and causes. Not all men who suffer problems with hair loss will end up with baldness. If appropriately handled as early as possible, hair loss can even be stopped, and hair roots can be regrown.

In this article, we will briefly explain some of the types of hair loss that most men experience and how to deal with it.

1. Male Pattern Hair Loss

This is one of the most common types of hair loss experienced by men. The level of loss problems can vary for each individual. Often referred to as androgenic alopecia, this type of baldness is usually caused by genetic factors.

When dealing with the problem of male pattern hair loss, treatment can be done using liquid Minoxidil (Rogaine). However, it must be realized, Minoxidil has quite severe side effects for different individuals. Other treatments can be with finasteride (Propecia) or spironolactone. Also, alternative therapies can be done with non-drug treatments, such as herbal methods or vegetable vitamin supplements. If you are at a stage of severe damage, hair transplants can also be an option.

2. Medical Illness-Related Hair Loss

Hair loss due to certain diseases, such as thyroid, anemia or high fever, is also one of the most common types of hair loss experienced by men. This type of hair loss is relatively easier to handle if the cause is known early.

Handling hair loss due to illness can be done by giving vitamin supplements once the symptoms of thinning hair have been seen. If it continues with baldness, minoxidil administration can be done.

3. Stress-Related Hair Loss

The third type of hair loss that is also popular among men is hair loss due to the influence of stress. Often also referred to as telogen effluvium, this symptom of hair loss can be caused by psychological factors such as many thoughts, divorce, family member death or sudden lifestyle changes.

To deal with the problem of hair loss due to stress, herbal treatments or hair vitamin supplements can be done. Also, and more importantly, efforts to overcome psychological issues must be pursued.

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4. Autoimmune Hair Loss

Also known as alopecia areata, autoimmune hair loss is one of the problems with natural hair loss due to genetic factors. People with alopecia areata will usually experience hair loss with a small bald pattern the size of a coin that is difficult to cure. This type of hair loss is also commonly encountered since childhood.

Because of its uniqueness, this type of hair loss is usually handled specially with steroid injections into the bald head area. For everyday practical purposes, using a wig can be done.

5. Chronic Tension Hair Loss

The last type of hair loss is caused by chronic tension on the hair follicle because the hairstyle is too tight and often lasts for years. Often referred to medically as traction alopecia, this type of hair damage is experienced by many African-Americans because of their strict hairstyle tradition.

In order to handle this problem, first of all, efforts can be made to change hairstyles and loosen hair ties. Another attempt that can be taken is to use Minoxidil or vitamin hair supplements.

Those are the five types of hair loss problems that are most experienced by men. If you feel that you are experiencing one of the five hair problems above, early treatment will increase your chances of returning your hair in a healthier and stronger condition.


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Mike Handler

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