6 Easy-to-Do Ways to Prevent Menopausal Hair Loss in Women

Ways to Prevent Menopausal Hair LossMany women might have come to realize that menopause is a natural phase of womanhood. However, having to handle menopause with losing your hair is still hard situation.

Many studies found that the main cause of menopausal hair loss is the disproportion of certain hormones in your body, more specifically the degraded creation of estrogen and progesterone. These reduced hormones production could bring to a condition called “hormonal pattern,” generating hair loss and even abrupt facial hair on the chin.

Other elements which can aid to menopausal hair loss including extremely high degrees of stress, illness, or a any genetic condition. Some diagnostic tests to eliminate other factors including thyroid examination, a blood sugar test, or a rheumatoid test.

While hair loss in menopause women could cause you to experience anxiety especially on your physical appearance and sometimes downgrade your self respect, the hair loss is actually not a permanent condition.

In fact, there are few steps you could do to remedy your hair quality from the inside out. This article gives you tips that will help you to keep your hair healthy and strong during menopause period.

6 Easy-to-Do Ways to Prevent Menopausal Hair Loss in Women

1. Just Breathe

What it means? First of all, it is very important to maintain your stress degrees in check to keep your hormonal balance. Even though diminished estrogen hormone creation could influence your brain mechanism and even could lead to mood sways, anxiety, and also depression, you could avoid getting down in the wastes. Some studies found that yoga and breath relaxation ways are primarily very effective in fighting menopausal stresses.

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2. Pile Your Plate High

A considerably balanced diet which is low in saturated fat is actually your perfect guard against any health problems, in this case including menopausal hair loss. For this purpose, you can consume whole grains, mono-saturated oils, fruits and vegetables in your daily meal.

Consuming green tea and having Vitamin B6 and folic acid also might restore hair growth. Moreover, essential fatty acids that could be found in foods such as salmon, tuna, herring, flax-seed oil, walnuts and almonds also have a major role in keeping your hair health condition during your menopause period.

Consume a daily hair multivitamin supplement to have the hair nutrients you might have missed in your routine diet. In addition, make sure to check for the hair supplement which is appropriate for your specific age group.

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3. Get Moving

You have already knew that exercise is a very important component to a healthy lifestyle. Exercising can ensure your day to maintain mood sways in check, keeping your ideal weight and even can aid you to sleep well. All of these are very important elements which will help to your hormonal balance, in turn will promote healthy hair growth.

Take a walk with your close friend or family member. Studies show that time spent with close friends or relatives is a scientifically proven caretaker against menopausal depression.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes, this is actually old news. Your body which is composed of over seventy percent of water needs to be hydrated to work properly. Carry up on H2O every of your day and avoid on juices, sodas, and other flavored drinks which have more sugar than your body needs.Har Vokse Product - Spray and Supplement

5. Natural Hair is Always Best

With regards to your hair, preventing drying and breakage can be done by staying away from heat-based hair care such as hair dryers or straightening irons. In fact, any hair extensions and other styling ways could weaken your hair and even bring early hair loss.

In case that you have to dye your hair, choose for the natural hair color only, because artificial chemical substances in dyes and perms could harm your scalp and hair health. When washing your hair, be remember to use a nourishing conditioner solution to maintain your scalp healthy and help healthy hair growth.

Furthermore, when you go swim, ensure that you wear a swimming cap, because chlorine substance could cause to hair breakage. When you are out in the sun or the wind, be sure to have a hat to shield your hair from drying or breakage.

6. Talk to Your Doctor about Your Medical Condition

Plenty of medications in fact have nasty side effects which can cause hair loss. Do ensure to talk to your medical doctor in case that you are noticing a significant hair loss and in case that you think your medicine may be the problem.

Your medical doctor should be able to give you advice and prescribe you with other alternative drug to avoid any negative side effects. Finally, make sure that you are not stopping consuming medications or drugs without any prior discussion with your medical doctor first, since this can be harmful for your hair health and even your general health.

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