9 Ways Women With Receding Hairlines Can Prevent Future Hair Loss

Worried about thinning hair? Many women deal with hair loss. Here are nine ways women with receding hairlines can regrow their hair and prevent hair loss.

Jokes about getting old never seem to go out of style, but they’re not exactly original. Everyone jokes about wrinkles for women and hair loss for men. If you’re a woman dealing with hair loss, though, a well-intentioned joke can land a bit too close to home.

The reality is that hair loss isn’t limited to men. In fact, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they hit 40. Yet because of the stereotype that it’s a “men only” problem, no one talks about how to fix it.

Today is a lucky day for women with receding hairlines because there are plenty of ways to support hair growth. Give these tips a try.

Hair Growth Tips for Women with Receding Hairlines

While it’s rare for women to reach the level of hair loss men tend to have, we still thin enough to become self-conscious. Here’s what you can do about it.

1. Be Gentle

For most women, their hair loss comes from a combination of contributing factors. One common culprit may be your hairstyle.

Tight hairstyles that pull on your hair can damage your hair follicles from the prolonged tension. This is most common with small braids as well as tight ponytails and tight buns.

Opt for more relaxed hairstyles. When you do need to put your hair up, though, choose hairbands and fasteners made with fabric rather than plastic or rubber bands. Fabric bands won’t pull on your hair as much when you take them out.

2. Go Au Natural

On top of manual hairstyles, some of the other ways you treat your hair could be causing a problem. The worst offenders are heat and chemical treatments.

Heat and chemicals both affect your hair on a cellular level. If you use them too often, they can make your hair brittle and cause it to fall out. They can also cause breakage throughout your hair, which makes it look even thinner.

Instead, start air-drying your hair. Look for heat-free ways to style your hair, and if you do need to use heat, keep the wand or straightener on a low-temperature setting. When you can, steer clear of chemical treatments.

3. Step Up Your Healthy Habits

Sometimes you need to tackle hair loss from the inside out. Your hair follicles need the right nutrients and blood flow to produce hair. If they aren’t getting what they need, it’s a recipe for hair loss.

There are plenty of nutrient deficiencies that can cause hair loss, so your best bet is to commit to a healthy diet. Make sure you’re getting plenty of leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats.

In addition to your diet, you need to have exercise in your life, as well. Consistent exercise stimulates your blood flow so your body can bring those nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles.

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4. Invest in a Better Brush

Yes, something as simple as your hairbrush can contribute to your hair loss.

You should use a soft brush that uses natural fibers if possible. This helps to prevent excessive pulling while you brush your hair. At the same time, the natural fibers will stimulate your natural oil production to support healthy hair growth.

5. Enjoy Scalp Massages

Most of the habit modifications we’ve mentioned above might not sound like good news, but this is one everyone can get behind.

Scalp massages will stimulate the blood flow to your hair follicles. This supplies those follicles with the oxygen and nutrients they need to produce hair. Be careful to keep it gentle, though, so you don’t pull at your delicate hairs in the process.

6. Try Topical Medications

Everyone talks about men using Rogaine, but did you know it can work for women as well? There are varieties that are designed for women in particular. You can apply them to your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles.

Keep in mind that these medications don’t always produce new hair growth. In some cases, they’re only able to stop your hair loss from progressing further. That’s still worth the effort, though, as hair loss is most often a progressive condition.

7. Red Light Therapy

Another great hair loss treatment you can try is called red light therapy, or low-level light therapy.

With this treatment, you shine a precise wavelength of red lights onto your scalp. This type of light is known to stimulate your hair follicles to keep hair loss and bay and stimulate new hair growth.

There are some types of this treatment that are only available at doctors’ offices. The problem is that your appointments would be too frequent for most people’s schedules to accommodate.

The alternative is to buy your own laser cap like Capillus. These devices are shaped like baseball caps, and you can use them at home at your convenience.

8. Consider Other Professional Treatments

Most people think your only options for hair loss treatments are Rogaine or hair transplant surgery. Thanks to modern medical technology, though, there are a lot of options in between.

On top of red light therapy, many doctors offer other non-surgical treatments for hair loss. For women, one popular option is microneedling to stimulate the healing process in your hair follicles.

Another great choice is platelet-rich plasma or PRP. During this procedure, a doctor uses the natural growth factors in your own blood to enhance your hair growth.

9. Visit a Doctor

It’s important to recognize that sometimes hair loss is a symptom of something else, especially in women. If you’ve tried some of the options above and you aren’t seeing results, it might be time for a more extensive medical work-up.

Restoring Healthier, Fuller Hair

For women with receding hairlines, their condition can bring on stress and self-consciousness that you shouldn’t have to deal with. The tips above can help you stimulate your hair growth and get back to feeling like your confident self.

For more great life tips, check out our blog from our life tip experts.


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Mike Handler

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