Do You Need a Hair Transplant: A Guide to Hair Transplant Procedure

Baldness in Men

Countless individuals having hair loss — both males and females, are most likely to be good candidates when it comes to hair transplant procedures. Yet prior to all of this may occur there certainly are a couple of factors that have to be literally taken into account right before surgical procedure.

The things to think about:

  • Your hopes
  • Your age
  • Your hair textures
  • The difference between hair color and your skin

The most significant factor to consider to begin with is actually being reasonable regarding what this particular surgical procedure is able to accomplish. In case you merely possess a small quantity of hair loss thus generally there is a great odds that you are going to acquire the benefits you desire.

Meanwhile, in case your hair loss reaches an advanced phase thus you are less likely to get adequate donor hair in order to address your hairless spots. When this holds true at that point the cosmetic surgeon might suggest that you opt for an another option like a wig instead of get patchy outcomes.

The objective is for a lovely as well as natural appearing head of hair and certainly not one where there are hairless spots close to your donor spot. Age is undoubtedly an additional variable: male pattern baldness progress with time as a consequence the much older you are the higher the quantity of hair lost. You are going to also discover that the cosmetic surgeon may intend to evaluate the development regarding your hair loss.

The texture of your hair is likewise essential since thick, coarse, curly hair has the tendency to work better. It appears much more natural as well as covers up the head much better in comparison to thin hair. In case your hair is thin hence you are going to require a number of transplant treatments so as to cover up your hairless spot.

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In fact, individuals having thick, curly hair frequently discover that they need more than just one treatment.

However, in case you get thick, curly hair thus your percentage of coverage for your head are going to be double and even triple that of a person having thin hair. The total amount for coverage will definitely depend on the amount of follicular units put in your recipient spot (hairless region) as well as the quantity of treatments.

It is actually common for 2,000 to 3,000 follicular units for being inserted within a single hair transplant treatment.

A ‘follicular unit‘ denotes a donor graft or strip which contains 2,000 to 3,000 hair roots that are going to grow brand new hair as soon as they are implanted.

Do not forget about the contrast for skin (scalp) color and also the color of your hair. In case your hair color is actually a decent fit with the color of your skin thus your hair transplant are going to look natural. The things you really don’t want is a circumstance where some others discover that you have actually gotten a hair transplant because of the significant contrast between your skin and the color of your hair.

What is Har Vokse?


For a lot of individuals this is the determining issue concerning getting surgical procedure or not. The cosmetic aspect of things is actually equally as vital as various other factors. Nevertheless, a person’s hair is usually the very first thing we see anytime we meet a person and you really want your hair to appear healthy, natural as well as at its best.

Another thing to consider: in case you possess a ‘low hairline‘ — simply puts, your hairline settles low down at your forehead thus you are going to need even more grafts in comparison to a person having a ‘high hairline‘.

Your genes are going to play a part in the kind of hairline you possess. A younger individual might choose a low hairline yet when you get inherited a high hairline thus this is exactly what you need to stick with.

A beneficial feature of a high hairline is that you are going to require much less hair transplanted compared to an individual having a lower hairline.

Is there a condition where a person does not require a hair transplant or is not suitable?

Yes! When a person is vulnerable to issues with scarring, for instance, is most likely to create thickened, reddish scars named ‘keloids‘ or is vulnerable to weak injury healing. In this particular situation a hair transplant might not be a favorable choice.

When the cosmetic surgeon thinks that your donor hair is literally not ideal for hair transplant or that you are simply unrealistic regarding the outcomes of this particular procedure then he/she might recommend you to consider an another option.

Hair transplant procedure does work yet bear in mind that when baldness has actually begun it is most likely to carry on therefore prepare in advance for this.

Looking for a non-surgical treatment for hair loss? Learn more about our recommended non-surgical (and natural) treatment for hair loss.


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Mike Handler

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