Do You Need Rogaine for Your Hair Loss?


Rogaine is the trademark name when it comes to topical minoxidil. Individuals having thinning hair, severe hair loss or perhaps male pattern baldness usually apply Rogaine to reduce hair loss as well as promote hair growth.

Minoxidil was initially designed to handle hypertension, however individuals getting the medicine revealed an uncommon side effect: their hair started to grow on different area of their bodies.

From this point, scientists started to examine the impact of putting on a minoxidil solution straight on the bald spots of the scalp. They discovered positive benefit that day-to-day application of topical minoxidil reduced hair loss and even generated some brand-new hair growth.

Rogaine, that is minoxidil in solution, was initially advertised as a topical prescribed medication yet is now offered as over the counter (OTC) product.

However, nobody’s actually quite sure how it functions. Yet a number of researchers believe that Rogaine triggers hair development by cutting short the resting period of the hair roots throughout its life process.

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What About Rogaine for Women?

Various variables lead to hair loss or thinning in women, involving thyroid problems, bodily hormone transformations with age as well as some other hormone disruptions such as menopause and giving birth, and also counteractions to particular drugs.

As soon as your physician identifies the primary reason for your hair loss, you could work together to determine which treatment approaches including Rogaine is going to work most effectively for your circumstance.

In case you’re hair is thinning, have a scheduled appointment with your physician to discover what’s leading to your hair loss well before employing Rogaine.

You might possess a hidden health problem that, as soon as recognized and fixed, might turn around your hair loss. You may apply Rogaine only with your physician suggestion.

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Rogaine Warnings and Side Effects

While Rogaine is very popular to deal with hair loss, you should take a serious attention with regards to its limitations and side effects. You should not have Rogaine in case you’re hypersensitive to minoxidil as well as some other active ingredients discovered in the medicine. Additionally prevent using Rogaine to irritated spots of your scalp.

Moreover, in case you get kidney problems, talk to your physician if ever Rogaine is reliable for you to have.

Rogaine also might not be safe for a developing infant. The majority of physicians, nonetheless, think of Rogaine safe to employ while breastfeeding your infant. Yet at least, consult with your physician well before utilizing Rogaine in case you’re carrying a child, preparing a pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

Even though Rogaine and alcohol do not seem to interact, alcohol could be very drying to your skin– particularly if you’re an excessive drinker. Restrict your alcohol consumption as well as drink in small amounts when you’re applying Rogaine to aid minimize skin irritation on the scalp.

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The most usual side effects of Rogaine reported are severe irritation and a breakout or skin inflammation on the balding areas.

Finally, you must never ingest or eat Rogaine. However, in case you or someone has already drunk it, call an emergency room or a poison control center immediately.

If you need something other than Rogaine to deal with hair loss, click here for our recommended natural hair loss treatment.


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