Does Dandruff Really Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff Really Cause Hair Loss

“Does dandruff really cause hair loss?”

This is actually the most frequently asked questions by individuals experiencing hair loss.

Dandruff is a severe as well as most typical scalp problem shown in the shape of white flakes that are present on the scalp. These flakes coming from the superficial skin layer made from dead skin cells lead to itching. Intense scratching eventually results in hair loss.

Does Dandruff Really Cause Hair Loss?

Virtually 20 among every 50 women experience mechanical hair loss that is induced by the rigorous itching as well as scratching activities. Dandruff is actually triggered by extreme drying up of the scalp, and the continuous desire to itch may result in hair loss as a result of friction.

Generally there is a more dangerous connection between dandruff and hair loss which you most likely have no idea about. Dermatitis is the name which must get you worried. It is actually a scalp skin disease that leads to both dandruff as well as hair loss and it is thought that the majority of people, who experience hair loss conditions, at the same time experience certain variation or the various of dermatitis.

A crucial fact to keep in mind is that no one of the hair loss shapes in grownups are actually triggered directly by dandruff. In many cases, dandruff indirectly, by means of injury caused by scratching as well as via the development of fungal secretions, leads to hair loss. Therefore this is just one myth that must be busted.

Bear in mind that dandruff as well as hair loss, create 2 ends of a vicious cycle. Not only does raised development of dandruff lead to hair loss, in some cases it is even the other way round.

Which Comes First: Dandruff or Hair Loss?

It is the typical egg and chicken scenario. Even though dandruff indirectly results in hair loss, a number of chemical substance in hair shampoos or solutions utilized to cure hair loss result in dandruff in return.

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The primary offender to this is actually a chemical substance called minoxidil that is a popular active ingredient in hair shampoos and solutions when it comes to dealing with hair problem. It results in flaking. Therefore in case you are thinking how those dandruff flakes are inducing your hair to fall out, you need to have a look at the materials of that hair follicle enriching shampoo that you have been applying.

Therefore, in order to respond to the inquiry which has been on every person’s heads:

  • Dandruff leads to hair loss indirectly
  • It brings on hair loss mostly through the weakening of hair follicles because of the continuous scratching of the flaky scalp

Thus, to take care of hair loss as a result of dandruff, you should have the dandruff issue taken care of first. Explained below are a few acknowledged treatments regarding dandruff.

How to Eliminate Dandruff in Men

Hair Loss Due to Dandruff: Causes and Treatments

Understanding the causes regarding a disease is truly crucial to identify the most effective treatment choice as well as guarantee a fast recovery. In case you wish to get rid of annoying dandruff to decrease extreme hair shedding, you must find out the real reason first to make sure that the problem could be dealt with appropriately.

When it comes to dandruff, generally there are a variety of contributing aspects extending from dry skin to psoriasis, dermatitis, or even overgrowth of fungus referred to as malassezia and a lot more. Additionally, unhealthy diet routines, particular diseases, absence of hygiene as well as incorrect shampooing might likewise lead to the growth of dandruff flakes.

Nevertheless, regardless of what is the primary offender, dandruff may be successfully cured using synthetic as well as natural treatments:

1. Change Your Hair Shampoo

The very first action to take regarding dandruff free hair is to change your cleanser. Say bye bye to your typical hair shampoo and swap to a milder one which is suggested exclusively for dandruff remedy. These particular hair shampoos consist of specific active ingredients including ketoconazole, coal tar, zinc pyrithione, and also selenium sulfide that aid combating dandruff inducing germs and therefore, give relief from the problem.

2. Natural Treatments for Dandruff

Similar to various other skin and hair problems, nature offers solutions for dandruff too. Below we inform you several of the most reliable and acknowledged natural treatments for dandruff:

a. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has excellent antiseptic qualities and thus aids in combating different skin as well as hair problems involving dandruff. In order to utilize it as anti-dandruff solution, add it in little quantity to your usual shampoo and then utilize it to cleanse your hair as usual. Soon after a couple of weeks for routine use, you’ll certainly see impressive improvement for your problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

b. White Vinegar

White vinegar is likewise found as being very helpful in curing dandruff. Due to its acidic qualities, it helps to make your scalp surroundings inappropriate for fungal as well as bacterial growth and therefore, aids avoiding dandruff.

c. Olive Oil

This is the best option in case your hair problem is the outcome of excessive drying of scalp. Fairly warm olive oil conditions the hair as well as scalp and keeps it great-nourished, moisturized as well as dandruff free.

Some other natural restorative alternatives for dandruff consist of thyme, baking soda, aloe vera, fenugreek seeds, lemon, and a lot more.


So, in case you really wish to save yourself from hair loss that has been related to dandruff, consider these treatments a shot. I am pretty confident you’ll see these treatments working for you, giving you a head full of healthier, glossier hairs.

In the event that, none of these types of treatments helped your problem, as soon as possible set up an appointment with a certified skin specialist and get the problem dealt with medically.

Click here for our recommended natural hair loss treatments due to dandruff.


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