Easy Ways to Cure Itchy Scalp Hair Loss with Shampoos and Creams

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss Shampoos

Itchy scalp hair loss could be uncomfortable, annoying as well as frustrating since it’s not normally very easy to identify the root cause.

Fortunately, this kind of hair loss is typically short-term – thus, normally, as soon as you’ve pinpointed and dealt with the ’cause’ of the problem, your hair should start to grow normally ever again.

Dandruff Causes Itchy Scalp Hair Loss

Dandruff which has the tendency to result in scalp inflammation, usually leading to noticeable flakes on the hair. Seborrheic dermatitis (usually also referred to as dandruff once it shows up on the scalp) could take place on any area of the body which generates a great deal of oil (sebum). The skin layer may become extremely red as well as look oily, generating scales which might be white or yellow.

Dandruff does not in fact lead to hair loss, however in case your dandruff is followed by itching and then you end up scratching frequently, at that point the scratching can be triggering a number of hair to befall.

Several references reveal that a fungus which lives on the skin – malassezia (usually referred to as Pityrosporum) – might be linked to dandruff. Even though this fungus is actually not responsible when it comes to leading to the condition, it could set out the condition even worse, due to the fact that it has the tendency to feed on the excessive oils produced by the scalp and develop exactly where the regions are extremely flaky.

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Unfortunately, dandruff could not be ‘treated’ as such, yet it could be cured appropriately at home and does not generally require a medical professional’s assistance. Every time employing the solutions recommended – especially the hair shampoos – ensure they go straight to your scalp along with that you keep them on within 5 minutes prior to rinsing, offering them period of time to perform their miracle.

And keep in mind – this type of hair loss as a result of dandruff could typically be treated really fast simply by dealing with the source of the inflammation.

Popular Remedies for Dandruff

1. Shampoos

Tar-based Shampoo: Coal tar – a spin-off out of the coal production process – decelerates the pace in which the scalp’s skin tissues die and start to flake off.

Selenium-Sulfide-based Shampoo: Not only does this decelerate the pace in which skin tissues perish, it additionally reduces on the number of malassezia found on the scalp (that is actually the scalp fungus we pointed out earlier on). Stay away from selenium sulfide, however, in case your hair is blonde, gray or even colored, since it could result in hair color changes.

Salicylic-Acid-based Shampoo: Take this carefully – this is actually more of a ‘scalp scruber‘, developed to get rid of flaking on the scalp. Yet it could be relatively harmful and many individuals discover it leaves the scalp feeling extremely dry, that – therefore – could lead to even more flaking.

Ketoconazole-based Shampoo: Ketoconazole consists of anti-fungal active ingredients. In case you have already tried out various other hair shampoos and they’re simply not benefiting you, Har Vokse might just do the work.

Zinc-Pyrthione-based Shampoo: These particular hair shampoos tackle your dandruff problems at all fronts, considering that they consist of both anti-bacterial AND anti-fungal substances.

Dandruff: All You Need to Know About Dandruff

2. Creams

Cortisone-based creams could be reliable in the battle against dandruff, and you could get them in reduced concentrations over the counter.

Talk to your pharmacist to get a 0.5% or 1% scalp cortisone cream, that you must use on a daily basis, preferably to moist hair shortly after bathing. Cortisone creams could be especially helpful when you employ them along with your medicated anti-dandruff hair shampoo.

Also offered over the counter are anti-fungal creams such as 1% clotrimazole and 2% miconazole. Typically used one or two times everyday, these particular creams could help in reducing the amount of fungus organisms surviving on the scalp.

When you do employ a cream, quit employing it as soon as the dandruff disappears and also do not employ it again up until the dandruff come back.

In some cases, anti-dandruff hair shampoos and creams simply don’t appear to do the trick.

What then?

It’s time to go to the medical professional, who would most likely recommend you a much more powerful hair shampoo or cream, or even recommend other hair loss treatments.

Click here for our recommended natural treatments for itchy scalp hair loss.


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Mike Handler

Co-founder of HarVokseClinic.com. When his partner (Eleora Sills) experienced hair loss problem and got a great result using Har Vokse, he decided to help others by creating a website about hair loss treatments.
Mike Handler

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