Female Hair Loss: 5 Ways Women Lose Their Hair and How to Regrow It

Female Hair Loss

Chronic Telogen Effluvium in Women

Female hair loss appears to occur for a broader array of factors than male hair loss. Whereas male pattern baldness is generally an inherited problem and there is likely a female equivalent, women are actually a bit more prone to hair loss because of hormones as well as to stress. In by far most of incidents something could be carried out to put an end to hair loss as well as regrow hair naturally, however the strategy demands a somewhat more integrated treatment for the greatest possibility of success.

5 Female Hair Loss Problems

1. Female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) is a female’s equivalent to male pattern baldness and it possesses the exact same cause. Testosterone (in which women do produce, even though in considerably smaller amounts) is transformed by the body right into a chemical substance which disrupts the hair roots, yet only in the case that your hair roots are genetically vulnerable. While in men this induces receding temples, a baldness crown, as well as declining hairline, in women it induces a general decreasing of the hair over the top of the head (along with the sides untouched).

2. Another problem, that could pertain as somewhat a surprise, is telogen effluvium or the hair loss around 3 months right after a serious stress like giving birth, maternity termination, as well as therapy. An additional potential cause is transformations to the bodily hormone proportion including brand-new birth control tablets or medications for weight management. The three month time frame is generally due to the fact that following stress the hair roots go into their resting stage all at once and, 3 months afterwards, the hairs drop out.

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Normally the resting periods of every hair follicle take place with different periods, resulting in the normal loss of hair of around a 100 hairs a day. The problem tends to clear-up by itself as soon as the strain stops, however in the case that it does not one way forward is to try out to deal with the underlying problem.

3. Diffuse hair loss in addition needs a holistic treatment, beginning with blood checkups for bodily hormone levels and glandular performance and also complied with by way of living changes where needed and possible.

4. Patchy hair loss or alopecia areata could also be caused simply by stress yet possesses connections to the autoimmune system as well and it is actually not unusual. Patches might show up and vanish naturally, nevertheless the condition might likewise develop to impact the entire hair.

5. Ultimately, traction alopecia is where constant stress on the hair harms the hair roots and could frequently be identified related with particular hairdo like braiding.

Female Hair Loss Treatments

What’s the Treatment for Female Hair Loss?

Of course, there’s no single approach you could bring in order to cure hair loss on your own. The very first thing is to obtain a proper medical diagnosis by a qualified trichologist (a hair specialist). Next, is an evaluation of every one of the concerns which might be triggering the problem.

A reliable treatment program in order to end hair loss and stimulate regrowth deals with all potential reasons by all reliable approaches, along with keeping an eye on to make sure good development. This could be performed by simply documenting hair photos. It is actually the combination of treatment methods in an expertly created, customized treatment method as well as the routine supervising which is most helpful in addressing hair loss.

What is the Best Product of Female Hair Loss Treatment in the Market?

Har Vokse Product - Spray and Supplement

Har Vokse Product – Spray and Supplement

One product that we recommend is Har Vokse, a 100% natural hair loss treatment which consist of hair pills and spray (click here to find out more about Har Vokse).

Your Plan of Action

You have to make a decision. When it comes to men it is generally a slightly easier, they could simply ‘go bald’ and it is usually awesome. It is certainly awesome for women, also, however that is really not the predominant attitude. Therefore the decision is this: precisely what are you going to do about it?

You can put on more hats undoubtedly. Or your medical professional could aid and is typically a pretty good starting point in order to examine for any sort of fundamental medical concerns.

Lot of people might browse the Internet concerning a local hair loss center. Assuming that you really want, try out including your area to the search, eg, hair loss center London.

The problem is, exactly how could you say to the good from the costly and not-good?

Currently there is a great deal of rubbish info on the Internet particularly relating to hair loss, a lot of it merely reworks from Wikipedia, and you need to identified that there certainly are lots of people who are going to promote you stuffs since they could, not really because it works. Have great care, more within this particular concern rather than usual:

  • Make certain the website you are doing business with possesses complete contact info. In the case that they do not want you to identified where these guys are or even how to get in touch with them, that is definitely a problem.
  • Search for a pretty good ‘About Us’ web page which makes good sense.
  • Think of the photos on a website, can they have been actually purchased from a photo library?

Most importantly, you really get 2 options. Either you opt for a competent, reliable, qualified as well as medically verified program of clinical treatment method offering a verifiable advantage, or you attempt your good fortune using alternative therapies, typically herbal and nutritional. The last mentioned is absolutely less expensive, yet considering that their effectiveness is actually untested, you can pay great deals of time experiencing hair loss unnecessarily. The expert recommendations will certainly always be to opt for the tried and tested treatment methods using a proper hair loss facility.


Female hair loss is actually most often treatable, however certainly not simply by any sort of miracle tablet or medicine. The successful treatment of female hair loss is actually the outcome of a mixed method which intends to confront all of the possible root causes, along with continuous supervising in order to make sure treatment is proceeding satisfactorily. Whenever that is really in place, hair loss is typically ceased and in many cases reversed.

Click the following link to find out more about Har Vokse: Hair Regrowth for Women.


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Mike Handler

Co-founder of HarVokseClinic.com. When his partner (Eleora Sills) experienced hair loss problem and got a great result using Har Vokse, he decided to help others by creating a website about hair loss treatments.
Mike Handler

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