Important Facts About Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss

The most common kind of hair loss found in women is called androgenetic alopecia, or also known as female pattern hair loss.

In this regards, alopecia means baldness. However, just as in men hair loss conditions, it should not have to be a completely hair loss problem.

Female pattern hair loss typically seen as a form of hair thinning primarily take place over the top and front of the head. Moreover, female pattern alopecia affects around one-third of all susceptible female, yet it is most usual found in women after menopause.

Female Hair Loss

While a normal hair shedding is around 100-150 hairs every day, in female pattern hair loss condition some excessive hair loss is noted. However, gradual hair thinning is what typically drives women to see a dermatologist.

Furthermore, a lower amount of hairs loss will happen to the women whose hair is actually already thin. In female pattern alopecia, in case that the affected hair is shed, the hair follicle grows one in its area which is shorter. Gradually, it becomes invisible “peach fuzz“.

Typically, female pattern hair loss might begin as early as puberty. In this case, when there are signs of hormone imbalance, like excessive facial hair or body hair, a hormone evaluation must be occurred. In fact, body hormonal changes are a very common reason of female pattern hair loss.

Many women do not understand that hair loss could also happen as a result of pregnancy or even following discontinuation of birth control pills. Hair loss in women might also go along any sudden physical or psychological stress to the body.

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These specific types of female hair loss are known as “Telogen Effluvium” and are merely temporary occurrence.

Treatment for female hair loss can be started with a product named Rogaine (topical minoxidil 2%). Rogaine is a FDA approved medication available for female pattern hair loss.

Har Vokse Product - Spray and Supplement

However, many found that Rogaine has some negative side effects such as disrupting of sexual desire. The other hair loss medication, Propecia, unfortunately just does not work for women at all. Spironolactone tablets aid many women, especially for those whose hair loss begins prior to menopause but takes many months.

A Europen found hair loss treatment product named Har Vokse is also a good choice for women who want to resolve their female pattern hair loss. This natural dual action hair loss treatment, consist of hair loss supplement tablets and hair loss spray, has been proven to have an exceptional ability to regrow hair for women experiencing female pattern alopecia.

However, if all of these treatments failed, perms, dyes and other cosmetic options can also be considered to give you a fuller appearance to hair. Some hair salons specialize in the modern kinds of hair additions may help you to have a natural appearance yet synthetic hair.

Finally, you can try hair transplant. Experienced hair transplant surgeons usually could bring great results in women with the new follicular unit and minigraft techniques.

To do this surgery, you have to make sure that you are a qualified candidate and have realistic expectations. A special consultation with a skilled specialist or medical doctor to discuss your choices is strongly recommended.

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