Myth or Fact: Can Castor Oil Thicken Your Hair?

Castor Oil

Can castor oil really thicken your hair? Is this myth or fact?

I am writing this post due to the fact that this particular question shows up over and over again.

How many of you had heard that castor oil could help enhance the density of natural hair? I have heard this claimed countless times, and considering that hair thickness is actually determined by genes, I get often wondered if ever there was any truth to the statement. I then finally made a decision to investigate it through a scientific point of view.

What is in Castor Oil?

Similar to a lot of natural oils (shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and others), castor oil is made up of numerous fatty acids. In fact, these particular acids are bound and as a result do not truly act like acids whatsoever (keep in mind that you could not pH an oil since it does not dissolve in water). The main fatty acid in castor oil is ricinoleic acid.

Can Castor Oil Increase Hair Density?

Currently there are zero scientific researches in order to verify that castor oil could enhance hair thickness. Surprisingly, in the field of male pattern baldness in which hair thickness enhancement is actually a primary demand, castor oil does not even present as a research component. Numerous of the other fatty acids inside castor oil resemble those discovered in coconut as well as olive oil and all of these are usually not linked to enhancing hair thickness either.

What about the images in which naturals reveal an enhancement in hairline/bald spots by scrubbing castor oil?

In my point of view this is actually not confirmation due to the fact that rubbing by itself even with plain water could induce regrowth of hair (i.e when hair has befallen or even been taken out, massage therapy could aid a brand-new hair to grow back). I will add in however that the research study which revealed this was actually carried out in rats and not human beings.

Furthermore, I have not observed any individual gauge the real size of hair in order to reveal that castor oil usage has indeed thickened their hair. Many individuals relate to thickness for the general density of hair yet in my viewpoint once again this is actually not verified by the images since commonly they are merely applying to normal regrowth.

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Can Something Else Be at Work?

My hypothesis is that castor oil probably could stay with hair much more strongly in comparison to the majority of oils and for that reason generate an impression of thickness. Any individual who has indeed utilized it is going to indicate how thick as well as viscous it is. It is virtually like a delicate glue and has the tendency to sit tight and not move once used. It does not pass on conveniently either, meanings that it could draw in tiny particles of dirt as well as dust that might additionally contribute to the false impression of thickness.

Do you really have to change your hair thickness?

In my viewpoint, I think that life and biology has to do with variety. Certainly not every person could possess thick hair fibers, not everybody could possess high density hair yet every person could possess great hair no matter how thick the strand as well as how dense the hair.

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Mike Handler

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