Real Testimonial: These are Minoxidil Side Effects for Women

Minoxidil is for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (hereditary, male pattern baldness). The 2% type of minoxidil is the one which is FDA approved for women to utilize, and it basically can be found in a liquid shape (not the spray option). The manufacturers of Rogaine (hair loss treatment which contain minoxidil) claim the 2% variety is equally as powerful for women as the 5% men’s variation, and it comes along with much less threat of negative effects.

Minoxidil Side Effects for Women

Women may use minoxidil 2% or Rogaine for Women to cure hair loss.

Nevertheless, a number of medical professionals believe that the 5% variation does the job much better so that these professionals recommend that for women. Some other physicians point out to begin with 2% while you could usually switch over to 5% afterwards. It is actually a hard decision due to the fact that you wish to find the optimum quantity of hair growth, yet you have to beware regarding feasible negative side effects.

Minoxidil Side Effects for Women

Minoxidil possesses a lengthy list of potential side effects, even though lot of people merely encounter a couple of of the more moderate as well as common ones. In the case that you get any one of the wide spread adverse effects, it is really best to talk with your physician promptly to take a look at whether you ought to carry on utilizing minoxidil. There might be even further possible side effects than the ones I have already listed here.

Typical side effects of minoxidil in women include things like:
  • Dry, half-cracked, itchy scalp
  • Undesirable facial hair growth
  • Intensified hair loss
  • Burning, stinging, or even soreness of the scalp
  • Dizziness
  • Quick or uneven heartbeat
  • Chest discomfort
  • Water as well as sodium retention — swelling of hands, feet, or perhaps lower legs, or fast weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty inhaling, particularly while lying down
  • Migraine, flushing
  • Neuritis — numbness as well as tingling of hands, feet, or face
  • Sexual dysfunction — decline in desire or sexual capability
  • Visual disruptions — blurred sight, reduced visual acuity, other vision changes
  • Severe allergic reaction which needs prompt medical care (this is unusual, and perhaps a counteraction to minoxidil or propylene glycol) — rash, puffinessing of face, tongue, throat, severe dizziness, trouble breathing
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Testimonial from a Woman Using Minoxidil

This testimonial is presented by Julia, a 38 years old woman who has hair loss problem since she delivered her third baby girl. She used different types of minoxidil-based hair loss treatments (including Rogaine, Spectral DNC, and others) and reported several side effects while she used them.

Below is her testimonial:

Minoxidil Side Effects for Women

Women are vulnerable to hair fall.

Many years ago I made use of 2% Rogaine For Women for around 8 months and during that time I really did not dealing with any apparent negative side effects. I didn’t encounter escalated hair shedding, or other types of concerns. Right after 8 months I also really did not see any good results. I quit on Rogaine and fortunately I likewise didn’t observe an increase in losing a couple of months right after quiting Rogaine. Just after you quit the treatment, every one of the hair which you got while on the treatment would go right back down the drain. Therefore in case Rogaine is benefiting you, you’ll have to make use of it consistently. I might get had escalated shedding, however at the moment I possessed more hair, thus it would certainly have been much less recognizable.

Last year I made a decision to opt for 5% minoxidil and I selected a product called Spectral DNC, that consists of 5% minoxidil in a liquid option, as well as a handful of additional ingredients (Aminexil, Retinol and Copper Peptides) that are expected to ensure the minoxidil even much more powerful. My idea was “go big or go home” thus I would like to give a try to the men’s strength of minoxidil in order to find in case it will do the job better than the girly 2%. Spectral DNC also does not contain alcohol, so it makes the dry, half-cracked scalp issue much less likely.

In the case that you have actually been coping with scalp problems from minoxidil, you might wish to try out Spectral DNC (supposing you prefer the 5% strength). Unluckily I promptly got migraines from Spectral DNC, and it wasn’t till I quit it 2 months afterwards that the migraines disappeared. Therefore, even though migraines are supposedly an infrequent negative effects of the medicine, I think I was unlucky. I after that purchased the 5% generic minoxidil (the type you could locate at Target or Wal-mart) yet I had migraines from that too, thus the culprit was certainly the 5% strength of minoxidil.

Right after that I returned to the 2% women’s minoxidil and I’ve been utilizing that on the top of my head ever since. I no longer have migraines as well as some other noticeable side effects. And for one reason or another I could even so allow 5% minoxidil in case I apply it sparingly simply on my temples as well as receding hairline. Nonetheless, I’m slightly freaked to find out that fuzzy eyesight is a negative effects of minoxidil. I get blurry vision which reoccurs and medical professionals cannot figure it out (my eye doctor assumes it is actually just dry eyes).

The other modest negative effects I have is intensified peach fuzz on the edges of my forehead. It is really kind of bothersome, yet it’s not that big of a deal. A number of women fear of intensified facial hair, however I have not encounter this, and in case I did, I could simply wax or utilize a Nair facial product.

Other Minoxidil Side Effects for Women

Rogaine for Women

Rogaine for Women with 2% minoxidil.

Here’s an additional terrible possible side effect which you will not find written on any sort of package put in of minoxidil, yet I believe it might be accurate — minoxidil as well as Rogaine could trigger wrinkles! Countless individuals on the internet report intensified facial wrinkles, as well as dark circles under their eyes right after utilizing Rogaine/minoxidil. I have actually likewise discovered dark circles under my eyes recently, which I certainly never observed before, and my wrinkles are really becoming worse.

Lastly, it seems that the manufacturers of Rogaine play down this particular issue, but lots of women report intensified hair losing right after starting the medicine. On the official package insert, it says, “Don’t worry — this is actually a good indication. It implies that the new growth process is starting and the older hairs you might have lost are entering for the brand new healthy ones. In case this hair loss goes on after 2 weeks on ROGAINE, consult with your medical professional.”

On hair loss internet sites, lots of women state you have to stick it out for as much as 3 months just before the increased shedding decrease. Three months is actually a really long period of time in the case that your hair is dropping out more! My hair falls out way too much each day, and this last year while I started minoxidil it kept on fall out a lot each day (and maybe more). I have actually been on the 2% minoxidil for a minimum of 6 months right now and my hair remains shed like crazy — the losing has actually never stopped. It’s truly challenging to reveal to whenever the minoxidil is doing the job, not working, or even making things even worse. It certainly has not been a miracle drug but for me since I realize I have much less hair than I did 6 months earlier, but that might simply be due to the fact that my hair loss is steadily becoming worse on its own in any case.

The bottom line is that A PLENTY OF women disclose escalated losing right after beginning minoxidil, and the shedding endure way much longer compared to the first 2 weeks which the Rogaine manufacturers claims is normal. I have not read about a bunch of women who have actually had exceptional outcomes with minoxidil, however there are actually several women who are happy with the outcomes. You likewise may find out various scary stories regarding women who lose way more hair right after beginning minoxidil, or even the hair never returns. It is really difficult to recognize for certain if the reason was minoxidil, or if their hair loss was on that track anyway.

My recommendation is simply to begin slow and also simply apply minoxidil on a tiny spot of your head before you devote to your whole head. Bring that tiny spot a couple of months just before going further. By doing this the most awful which will occur is you’ll get a little spot which is worse, instead of your entire head. I initially did this, and then I did the entire left edge of my head on a daily basis, and right now I do the entire top of my head. It was really a lengthy process, however I cannot claim I observed a huge difference on my left or right edge, thus minoxidil really did not trigger me to drop enough hair to determine which side was actually addressed, and which wasn’t.


Certainly there are plenty of possible side effects of minoxidil for women. Ensure to check out them, consider the advantages and disadvantages, as well as consult with your medical professional prior to beginning the medicine to cure androgenetic alopecia. Apart from the potential scary health concerns, lots of women report an increase in hair loss in the beginning from minoxidil, therefore you have to be cautioned of this.

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