These Are 6 Main Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

Nobody likes to lose their hair. Someone who has a full head of hair and decides to shave would always have the confidence to grow it right back if they want to . However, some of us do not have that option and are bothered by hair loss that can lead to unwanted baldness.

While many people – celebrities included – have already embraced their baldness, individuals who are beginning to experience hair loss would prefer to prevent it. In order to find the right treatment and prevention, we must first take a look at what causes hair loss.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

The Life Cycle of a Hair Strand

Beneath your scalp there are approximately one hundred thousand follicles. A follicle is a tiny group of cells that contains a cavity, from which a hair strand is grown.

The cycle of each hair strand is categorized into 3 phases:

1. Anagen, or the Growth phase.
2. Catagen, or the In-Between phase.
3. Telogen, or the Falling-Out phase.

The hair strand continues to grow at approximately half an inch every 30 days for 2 to 6 years before it will eventually fall out. It is normal for people to lose up to a hundred hair strands every day. However, when the rate of hair loss exceeds the development of new hair, this is when it becomes a problem.

The Main Causes of Hair Loss

1. Hormonal Changes

A major cause behind hair loss is when testosterone is converted into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This new form of testosterone attacks the hair follicles and hinders their hair production, leading to the development of flimsier hair strands until the follicles finally stop producing hair.

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Men usually have a higher tendency of becoming bald because of their level of testosterone, although women also have a bit of the male hormone inside of them. The advantage for women is that their estrogen keeps the testosterone’s effects on them at bay. That is, until menopause, whereupon estrogen levels dip. Pregnancy and childbirth can also trigger a lot of hormonal changes inside a woman’s body. During pregnancy, there will be a lack of normal hair loss because of these changes. But after giving birth, hair loss will resume, and in excess since it will include shedding off the hair that was supposed to fall out during pregnancy.

2. Genes

Baldness is mainly genetic; if both sides of the family have a history of baldness or an increased amount of hair loss, then chances are you will experience it, too. Among all the causes, this one is the most difficult to circumvent.

3. Cancer Treatment

Individuals who undergo chemotherapy as well as radiation would expect to lose their hair, but the hair will normally go back once they are done with their treatment.

4. Health Problems

A lot of illnesses trigger excessive hair loss, such as an infection, thyroid gland disorder, skin diseases such as lupus, or diabetes. When the body has low resistance and is submitted to a lot of stress, excessive hair loss is likely to take effect.Men Hair Loss

5. Smoking

A lot of research have pointed out the negative effects of smoking, one of which is an increase in hair loss which would lead to baldness. A recent study showed that men who smoked a minimum of 20 cigarettes on a daily basis developed baldness as compared to those who did not smoke.

6. Drugs and Medication

Certain types of drugs usually have the side effect of excessive hair loss, such as medications to treat depression, high blood pressure, thyroid problems and heart diseases . Blood thinners such as aspirin, warfarin, and heparin as well as oral contraceptives and mood stabilizing drugs can also cause hair loss.

Hair Treatments

Submitting one’s hair to too harsh temperatures or chemical treatments – such as hair dye, flat iron, ceramic curlers, bleaches, and so on – can lead to brittleness and eventually hair loss, particularly if these are applied frequently or incorrectly . The habit of wearing tight hair rollers or braids can also put strain on the hair follicles and weaken the hair roots.

Now that you have learned the different causes of hair loss, the next step is to identify the different types of hair loss and where you might possibly fall under.

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